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ANAMED ( Action for Natural Medicine) Workshop

June 9, 2019

Action for Natural Medicine (ANAMED) promotes value addition of medicinal plants into various products. The training workshops focus on the processing of medicinal plants and herbs within the food forests and herbariums into ointments, tinctures, herbal teas,herbal soaps and many other products. 
Workshop participants learn various skills and methods of making medicinal and health products.

About The Project

The workshops provide follow up training to permaculture design with a focus on value addition of the herbs and crops within the food forests and herbariums at each of the schools.

In 2019 an Action for natural medicine (Anamed) worskshop was held were 17 participants from 10 schools came together for a 7– day practical natural medicine- Action for natural medicine (Anamed). 

Participants for the 2019 worskshop were drawn from schools whose productivity had increased. Participants learnt how to make medicines in the form of ointments, herbal teas, tinctures, herbal soap and tooth powder. These skills have already started helping the schools to become self-sufficient.

Two out of schools youths who attended the training have already made chilli ointment and cough tinctures using locally available chillis, guava, and eucalyptus for sale.

These have been sold to the community and showcased at different platforms.

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