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Ecovillage @ Chitubu/ Exaphozini

SCOPE Zimbabwe Lifestyles Learning & Demo Centre

SCOPE's core work is in assisting schools to redesign and rationalize land use for sustainable resource use. SCOPE’s work is about: land care, creating a favorable learning environment in schools, nutrition enhancement, connecting schools to their communities and the knowledge and resources that lie therein.

The Centre

We are an off-grid permaculture centre that runs on 100% renewable energy. Located on the edge of the city, the centre is suitable for hosting conferences and events while providing a refreshing and enriching experience. The centre was named Chitubu/ Exaphozini which means ‘spring’ in our native languages (Shona and Ndebele respectively). We strive for the centre to be a resilient spring of hope, growth, knowledge and togetherness!


We aim to be a model in sustainable living and we take pride in advocating for holistic health and providing environmental education.

Activities taking place at Chitubu/ Exaphozini

Many activities take place at Chitubu/ Exaphozini. Our team and staff work hard at in carrying out various duties in and around our space. They carry out many tasks among the various activities that we carry out at Chitubu. These include but not limited to:


  • Animal husbandry – free-range chickens, rabbits, ducks and fish.

  • Small scale farming of crops for seed multiplication

  • Herbal garden

  • Production of ointments and creams from all-natural herbs and ingredients sourced at the centre

  • Vegetable garden

  • Nursery for plant propagation



Chitubu/ Exaphosini offers a very comfortable off-grid environment for both the young and the old. We are able of hosting both large and small groups of people. Here are more of our amenities:

  • Self-catering chalets

  • In-door and out-door conference spaces

  • Catering available on request

  • Equipped with solar energy

  • Safe borehole water

  • Camping sites

  • Out-door recreational spaces

  • Wi-Fi

  • Friendly team!

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