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Green schools for nutrition enhancement and climate resilience.

This project targets schools across the country. It builds upon an existing initiative on Integrated Land Use Design (ILUD) which was introduced in November 2015. The project aims at improving the technical capacity of schools to become excellent centres of learning and advocacy for communities to adapt to the effects of climate change, land use management and improve food and nutrition diversification and income sources.

About the Project

This project’s key components are embedded within the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) 2016 -2020, on school health and life skills, school feeding policy, and inclusive education policy. 


The project focuses on helping the schools to become champions and lighthouses for sustainable land use and food sovereignty in the face of climate change. The project’s specific emphasis is on improving the quality of practice across the four elements: 

  1. Getting integrated land use design (ILUD),

  2. Setting up permaculture, and agroecology practice,

  3. Supporting the nationwide school-based feeding program

  4. Building resilience in communities by putting food sovereignty into practice.

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