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Youth promoting Agro- ecology through Integrated Land Use Management for nutrition enhancement and income diversity

The project aims to increase the capacity of schools and their surrounding villages to grow food using ecological friendly ways. Key in this project is the capacity development of the community in a wide range of proven climate friendly and sustainable technologies.


Seed Sovereignity Project

The Seed Sovereignty project is dedicated to promoting farmer seed systems through seed saving, seed multiplication and agro ecological practices.

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“Inspiration for low carbon lifestyles” - “Sustainable lifestyles learning Centre Support”

The project supports trhe  development of the Demo centre named Chitubu/ Exaphozini. Here various workshops and activities take place in enhancing and teaching sustainable lifestyles. The project promotes sustainable lifestyles trough the use of various methods which involve permaculture and agro-ecology principles.

Kids Camp

Each school holiday SCOPE Zimbabwe hosts groups of youths and kids for Holiday camps. The holiday camps focus on teaching and enhancing permaculture and life skills knowledge.

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Green schools for nutrition enhancement and climate resilience

The project aims at improving the technical capacity of schools to become excellent centers of learning and advocacy for communities to adapt to the effects of climate change, land use management and improve food and nutrition diversification and income sources.

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