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Chirumba High School expands its Fish farming project

Chirumba High School is one of the Schools in the SCOPE Community of Practice implementing the Green Schools for Nutrition Enhancement initiative. The school embarked in fish farming project in 2019. The school’s focal person indicated that, when they began the project they started with only 2000 fingerlings. In 2020 the school raked ZWD5000 which motivated them to double their stocking. This has enabled the school to support the ancillary staff under the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

The focal person also noted that the aquaculture is now one of their success stories at the School. The learners are involved in the project from pond construction, stocking and maintenance until marketing. This has enabled the learners to fully appreciate this project. The project is one of the initiatives under the grow your own, cook your own initiative which enables the connections with the other projects of piggery, crop and fruit production. The fish feed on the waste from the other sections, chickens and pigs.

Chirumba High School functional fish pond No. 1

Chirumba High School fish pond No.2 almost at its completion stage

Fish pond No.3 under construction at Chirumba High School.

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