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Chitubu Demonstration Centre undergoing upgrades

SCOPE Zimbabwe has managed to utilize the COVID19 induced lockdown to complete, upgrade and renovate its accommodation facilities. These efforts are part of SCOPE Zimbabwe's drive to offer convenient, comfortable, and affordable accommodation services.

Mugodo Hostel with additional bedding.

The hostels that were upgraded and completed are A-Frame, Mugodo and Musasa hostels. These developments were initiated by the fieldwork team, together with the hospitality team.

Several energy efficiency initiatives have been implemented in all the houses to reduce energy costs without compromising comfort levels. New solar panels were installed to provide electricity to Musasa, Dandaro and A-Frame hostels. The additional solar panels are expected to enhance Chitubu's contribution towards emission reduction.

A-Frame Work In progress

The center is aiming to emulate the nature edge effect, a primary permaculture pattern encompassing synergism, creativity, and emergent change. The constant upgrades reflect the immense flourishing and proliferation of new ideas and practices. Other areas of the demonstration center that were under upgrades include all composts, recycling facilities, and several composting toilets on site.

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