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Engaging Educators and youth through Permaculture Design and agroecological grounding PDC 2021

The organisation (SCOPE Zimbabwe) hosted an immersive Permaculture Design Course workshop which brought 25 participants; educators, agricultural experts and youth coming from different schools and communities in Zimbabwe to learn the essence of sustainability , a pathway to take on redesigning landscapes and applying permaculture principles to their day to day lives, water management, soil management, waste.

At the completion of the course participants came up with designs and resilience plan that they will implement with their communities. The workshop prepared the participants to implement the seeding local cultures project implemented by SCOPE in partnership with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MOPSE), University of University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Great Zimbabwe University (GZU)

Mr Mungani facilitating the PDC workshop

PDC participants digging Swale trenches for water management

Participants making Thermal Compost Manure

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