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Food processing training yielding positive results

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Focal persons who attended the food processing and preservation workshop held in May 2021 gave feedback on their experiences which have largely been positive. This has seen 23 of the 32 focal persons implementing the knowledge gained in their respective communities.

The focal persons have been carrying out a wide variety of activities which include rocket stove construction, baking, and juice making. The implementation of these activities have seen the accelerated transfer of practical knowledge to the various communities they lead. This experience is expected to increase the consumption of various micronutrient-rich local foods produced by the local communities throughout the year. Through exciting dishes in form of pies baked using their garden produce, such as cowpeas, pumpkins, sweet potatoes. Juices made from sweet potatoes, hibiscus, and the different fruits existing in their schools and homesteads.

Rocket stove at Tangwena Secondary School- Gweru

Tangwena Secondary School led by Mr Lunga, managed to construct two rocket stoves capacitated with two ovens on either side of the rocket stove. The school has also managed to practice baking and juice making.

The positive feedback has managed to help SCOPE Zimbabwe continue imparting knowledge to marginalized communities on cost effective and environmentally friendly food processing and preservation techniques.

Mr Lunga showing the cake baked using the rocket stove at Tangwena Secondary School

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