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Implementation and Project Support Commences In Bikita

SCOPE Zimbabwe’s work continues to expand across Zimbabwe as our interventions prove to have a significant impact in transforming the lives of learners, youths, and ordinary Zimbabweans. Given this realization, we have continued to engage more schools, and this year, our work commenced in Bikita District.

Mr. Mungani, SCOPE Zimbabwe’s Field Officer based in Bikita District, has so far been providing great support to schools under the recently launched “Seeding Local Cultures Project” in Bikita District. So far, he has managed to complete work in 3 schools namely Mazungunye High and Primary School, Chirima High school, and Duma Primary School.

Kitchen Gardens being set up at Mazungunye High School

Land Designs being set up at Duma Primary School

In the three schools, kitchen garden and buffer zone designs were successfully done. The majority of the designs were done strategically to meet their purpose which is to manage surface run-off and enhance infiltration.

All the buffer zones established in the 3 schools were populated with crops such as cucumbers, pigeon peas, and okra. Having noticed the development, the school heads are now actively pushing to have water readily available at their schools to ensure the growth of the project. In particular, the head at Mazungunye Secondary school has set aside funds to purchase two 5000-liter water harvesting tanks.

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