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Kids Camp Continues to Empower Young Learners for A Sustainable Future

What a great success: This year’s Kids Camp held in April saw a collective of 34 learners and 11 teachers attending the camp. Aggregated by gender, the camps were attended by 16 girls and 18 boys. With learners coming from 4 districts—including Bulawayo, Masvingo, Harare, Marodera, and Bikita—the Kids Camp achieved a great result.

The Kids Camps were split into two, with the first session held from 11-13 April, accommodating learners whilst the second session held from 20-22 April had schools under the recently launched, Seeding Local Cultures project.

Leaners painting the grow bags they made

The curriculum of the Kids Camp included supervised play, song composition, mbira playing lessons, baking, juice preparation, garden designing, seed collection, and storage as well as planting.

Learners making baobab juice

A lot of learners appreciated the knowledge acquired during the Kids Camps and expressed great interest in attending other Kids Camps if they are given the chance to attend.

Mr Kachuta instructing the learners how to play mbira

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