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Launching the Seeding Local Cultures Project

Better Schools Programme Zimbabwe (BSPZ) Bikita district hosted the launch of the Seeding Local Cultures in Masvingo Province on 11 November 2021. 46 stakeholders came together for the one – day project sensitization and planning meeting. In attendance were learners, teachers, parents, educational officials, traditional leaders, government departments, Great Zimbabwe University School of Education representatives and other like-minded organizations. The initiative which is jointly implemented by SCOPE Zimbabwe, Great Zimbabwe University, University of Zimbabwe and Rhodes University targets 4 schools in Bikita District, 2 schools in Harare and 4 higher learning Institutions.

The meeting provided a platform to provide a shared picture of the Seeding local cultures project whose aims are to Re-design and implement curricula and methodology that can be adapted by teachers in implementing (e)co-creative solutions that empower local communities (children, young people and adults) to achieve sustainability. Addressing the audience, the Masvingo Provincial Education Director Mrs. Mhike Indicated that, the project will help Masvingo Province to adapt to the effects of climate change, land use management and improve food and nutrition diversification and income sources at both the school and household levels.

At the same note, another sensitisation meeting for the same project were held in Harare on the 1st of December 2021 at Chitubu demonstration centre. Thirty four (34) stakeholders came from different organisations, schools, communities, Ministry of Education and University of Zimbabwe (UZ) as the official partner of this newly born Seeding Local Cultures project. Among the attendances were the Harare Provincial Education Director Mr Nyambuya, in his speech he applauded SCOPE for gearing up this project and promised to bring in more schools.

Prof, Makaye and Dr. Mapetere explaining Participatory action research in Masvingo

PED Harare, Mr Cloud Nyambuya delivering his speech at the just ended Sensitisation meeting at Chitubu in Mt Hampden, Harare.

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