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“Lifestyles have literally changed,” Mr Mandiya from Tumba Community Nutrition Garden

The introduction of the Nutrition Garden to our community has never left us the same. Lifestyles have literally changed, idle youths and young adults were jump started into action which has resulted in self-sufficiency and financial improvement.

In the beginning, when there was nothing, it was like 'What good can come out of Nazareth? 'But as we persistently worked guided by Scope staff the desert like sands turned green with vegetables and herbs and fruit trees.

The whole community is benefiting from our garden, we are supplying fresh health vegetables daily and this means money is coming to us daily. This year with poor rains many dams and wells have already gone dry leaving us as the only ones with an inexhaustible water source and our garden being the main one around.

#SCOPEZIM #Permaculture #GrowYourOwnCookYourOwnEatYourOwn

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