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“GEF HAS IMPROVED OUR LIVELIHOODS” says Majory Mapolisa of Tumba Primary School Youths Project.

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

It was at a workshop at Tumba Primary School conducted by SCOPE Zimbabwe supported by GEF’s Small Grants Programme, that we decided to work as a group of ten in the YOUTHS NUTRITION GARDEN PROJECT.

Noticing that our soils had been run down of nutrients, we organized ourselves and brought eight scotch carts of manure to feed the soil.

We cleared the fenced land and ploughed it as initial cultivation the designed some beds.

We plated tomatoes, onions, tsunga, rape, covo and cabbages. We were lucky to have our borehole drilled and equipped in good time so water was not a problem. Six months from the time of training we were selling vegetables and tomatoes.

From our first project activities, we raised RTGS$850 which we shared while we were taking vegetables for our home cons

umption too. Currently we have planted 1580 tomato plants, some of which are nearing maturity, 800 onions, 45 butter nuts, sugar beans, carrots and some maize from which we expect to rake in a lot of revenue.

Seeing the garden flourishing, many people are now coming to us enquiring as to how they can also become members of the project.

#Permaculture #SCOPEZIM #GrowYourOwnCookYourOwnEatYourOwn

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