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Professor Chirisa Challenges Youth to Take More Action

Professor Innocent Chirisa, Dean of the Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe, made a courtesy visit during the Youths Camp held from 26-29 April 2022 at Ecovillage @Chitubu Demonstration Centre. He took the opportunity to have an enlightening discussion with the youths in attendance.

The main thrust of the discussion was to inspire and enlighten the youths on the role they must play in ushering in an environmental transformation in their respective communities.

Prof Chirisa commenced by asking the youths to deliver a 5-minute presentation on how the youths would ideally convince their school and/or community leadership to adopt environmentally sustainable innovations such as the rocket stove.

Professor Innocent Chirisa having a discussion with the Youths

Nash from Seke 3 High school took up the challenge and delivered an excellent presentation which was followed by possible simulative questions from Professor Chirisa.

Youths putting final touches on the rocket stove during the recently ended Youths Camp

Professor Chirisa concluded by reminding the youths they were chosen to attend the youths camp because of their potential, therefore, they must act as ambassadors who are capable of persuading their peers, school, and community leadership to adopt environmentally sustainable innovations and solutions that are most importantly, deeply rooted in indigenous knowledge which is the whole thrust of the Seeding Local Cultures project.

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