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SCOPE carries out assessment survey in STAR Community

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

SCOPE Zimbabwe carried out a rapid assessment for potential integration of the free-range chicken production in the existing River of Life project at 26 households in the nearby STAR Community on 6 July 2021.

The process established that 90% of the female youths were ready for the project rollout, marking the possibility of the inclusion of free-range chicken production in the near future. The survey was spearheaded by the Gender and Communications Officer, Yvonne Chikuyo.

Another lady showing off her chicken coop.

The assessment was meant to assess the capacity for all the potential project beneficiaries to be included in the free-range chicken project. An agreement for sharing with others was established to ensure all 26 households are involved in this project.

On of the underutilised coops found during the survey.

Although some of the coops still need renovation and possible expansion, it was a positive development to realize that 90% of the 26 households surveyed had a coop already established.

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