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SCOPE Zimbabwe and women Empowerment

Women play an important role in health nutrition of the family and of the nation at large…’feed the woman feed the nation’. This is the case at SCOPE Zimbabwe, the organisation has played a vital role in trying to uplift women in different societies through embarking in different projects at the same time empowering them with tools and the knowhow of being self-reliable.

An example close to home is women from the Star compound here in Mt Hampden, running a beautiful garden at the Chitubu centre and are fully supported by SCOPE Zimbabwe. The garden carries tomatoes, beans, and natural herbs and spices like mint, rosella, turmeric, moringa among others.

Not only does these herbs are good ingredients and adds a good flavour to the food in the kitchen but they are also good for our health as they can naturally cure some diseases like High Blood pressure, pneumonia, diabetes to mention just a few. For instance the moringa tree, because it is highly enriched with vitamins the natural herb is commonly known for its effective cure of anaemia, improved eye sight and skin effective just to mention a few.

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