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SCOPE Zimbabwe launches fundraising campaign for Vainona High School

Vainona High school is a school located in Harare, Zimbabwe. The school has 600 learners, the majority of whom come from predominantly low-income families. Most parents, therefore, find it difficult to provide their children with enough meals for each day. This has negatively affected school attendance and learner performance as most learners find it difficult to learn with empty stomachs.

As part of the solution SCOPE Zimbabwe launched a green school for nutrition enhancement project, which aimed at building the capacity of schools to grow a diversified range of foods that are rich in micronutrients in support of the Government-led school feeding program.

Among other activities, SCOPE Zimbabwe provided 10 free-range chickens as seed, for the supply of animal protein. The chickens have now multiplied to approximately 200 birds. As a result, the school wants to further multiply the chickens so that they can enable a continuous supply of animal protein from the chickens and eggs. Furthermore, generate income to support the other needs of the learners.

To achieve these goals, Vainona would like to procure a 1000 egg incubator that will support hatchery services leading to the increased number of chickens produced monthly for selling and consumption by learners. In addition, also generate income by offering hatchery services to the local community.

The initiative builds on an existing green schools for nutrition enhancement initiative implemented by SCOPE Zimbabwe countrywide aimed at improving the capacity of schools to become excellent centres of learning and advocacy for communities to adapt to the effects of climate change, land use management and improve food and nutrition diversification and income sources. It also seeks to empower young people to advocate with local leaders, to come up with environmentally resilient policies and budgets.

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