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Vandalism, a new challenge towards achieving self-reliance

Water remains a pivotal element in achieving self-sufficiency and building community food resilience through sustainable agriculture. This is one of the key issues that SCOPE Zimbabwe has been committed to addressing.

Consequently, all schools working with SCOPE Zimbabwe received 2*5000 litre tanks for water harvesting. This was aimed at cushioning schools water supply so that the agricultural projects are not affected in dry seasons.

Despite the positives coming with this development, some of the communities have not valued such a gesture towards their local schools. There has been cases of vandalism in a lot of schools with taps stolen and water gutters removed.

This has significantly affected the schools’ ability to effectively harvest water. The schools affected include Tangwena Secondary School, Mandindindi Primary School, and Wida Primary School.

Some of the tanks that were vandalized at Mandindindi Primary School in Gweru District

Mr Lunga from Tangwena Secondary School attributed the vandalism issue to poor security on the school’s property. In some cases the prolonged closure of schools due to COVID19. As such, thieves had unlimited access to schools especially during weekends and school holidays.

Mr Lunga from Tangwena Secondary School

It’s a development that SCOPE Zimbabwe observed during its recent monitoring trip and there have been plans to ensure that such issues are resolved to facilitate the fulfillment of the goals that the water harvesting tanks are supposed to meet.

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